.....4 Year Of Forex Trading....

Yes dear friends. Now it has been 4 years am into FOREX trading. I have met losses many times, and by experience and good support am into complete profit side since more than 2 years.

My indicator is working superfine but along with fundamental analysis. Fundamental and price actions can be learnt with only experience. Till yet I have got about 400+ mails asking this indicator and about 50+  people paid and purchased it. The funny part is, I was selling this for cheap price and still most people were asking it for free. They should know, nothing in this world is free.

However, I should say, this indicator alone wont work 100% accurate. You should be able to combine fundamental too. I know, it's not possible for every trader.

Now , me and my fund managers plan to provide a signal package. With a good price but assured pips.

We are looking only serious self traders, investors can choose fund management. The package will be like below.

- 4 Professional , well experienced forex market analysts and fund managers together.

- Exact Entry-Exit signals in all currency pairs.

- With more than 90% accuracy, Tight SL and TP.

- With a desktop alert software.

- Live Skype support too.

- Assured 400 Pip in a month. Target 600 Pip

- Daily charts and analysis capable of draw 750 pips additional .

300$ Monthly charge but 200$ for customers who join first.

I expect feedback from all you traders. Hopefully we can launch the service in a month. Please mail your feedback and suggestions to my mail id




The Best TEAM

There are many people who are supporting me in building my business. In FOREX, after my failure and tough time in earlier days, I met one guy luckily and he helped me a lot to sustain in this industry. For last two years am with this team . Surf this site . I recommend this team, but make your studies and trial with them. If you feeling comfort, just join.