.....4 Year Of Forex Trading....

Yes dear friends. Now it has been 4 years am into FOREX trading. I have met losses many times, and by experience and good support am into complete profit side since more than 2 years.

My indicator is working superfine but along with fundamental analysis. Fundamental and price actions can be learnt with only experience. Till yet I have got about 400+ mails asking this indicator and about 50+  people paid and purchased it. The funny part is, I was selling this for cheap price and still most people were asking it for free. They should know, nothing in this world is free.

However, I should say, this indicator alone wont work 100% accurate. You should be able to combine fundamental too. I know, it's not possible for every trader.

Now , me and my fund managers plan to provide a signal package. With a good price but assured pips.

We are looking only serious self traders, investors can choose fund management. The package will be like below.

- 4 Professional , well experienced forex market analysts and fund managers together.

- Exact Entry-Exit signals in all currency pairs.

- With more than 90% accuracy, Tight SL and TP.

- With a desktop alert software.

- Live Skype support too.

- Assured 400 Pip in a month. Target 600 Pip

- Daily charts and analysis capable of draw 750 pips additional .

300$ Monthly charge but 200$ for customers who join first.

I expect feedback from all you traders. Hopefully we can launch the service in a month. Please mail your feedback and suggestions to my mail id